Cycle parking in Brighton & Hove

Bikes parked at Pedal Cycle Parking Place

The council is committed to increasing the amount of Cycle Parking available to use on the high street. Cycle parking facilities are installed on the footway or where there is limited space on the road. Where cycle parking is installed on the road they are referred to as Pedal Cycle Parking Places (PCPPS). They generally appear as a bank of at least five stands protected by a small island.  Some of our most recent cycle parking spaces have been created in the following locations;

  • Furze Hill, Hove
  • London Road, Open Market Place, Brighton
  • Upper Lewes Road, Round Hill Crescent
  • Hendon Street, Brighton
  • Cleveland Road, Brighton 
  • Havelock Road, Brighton
  • Florence Road, Brighton

You can find more information on cycle parking and other cycle facilities on our cycle map.

If you would like your street to be considered for a pedal cycling parking place, you can submit a request for cycle parking form.

You can also contact or call 01273 290487.

Get more information about cycling in the city .