A vision for Valley Gardens

The Valley Gardens project area runs between St Peter's Church (St Peter's Place) to just south of Church Street.

The project focuses on improving the green spaces and the surrounding roads and footpaths.

The majority of the funding for this project comes from external sources.

To see the area included in the project download the Valley Gardens map (PDF 1.9MB)

Our vision for Valley Gardens

Our vision is for Valley Gardens to become a key area of Brighton & Hove that adds to the city’s appeal.

The scheme will provide a more attractive and enjoyable public space for all to enjoy. 

The scheme's focus on travel and transport will

  • assist in improving road safety, air quality, and flood risk management
  • improve access to public transport services and ease of movement throughout the area
  • provide safer walking and cycling links throughout the area 
  • provide up-to-date traffic signals equipment and renew existing, poor condition, highway infrastructure 

What's happening now

In November 2017 the Environment, Transport and Sustainability Committee approved the detailed highway and greenspace design and supported the outlined Traffic Regulation Order principles and approach. 

The committee also granted approval to proceed with landswap: the exchange of highway and greenspace land to support the project.


We are currently consulting on the legal landswap processes that enable the exchange from highway to greenspace and vice versa. The planned changes are that around 4,500 square metres of highway would be transferred to open space and around 1,600 square metres of open space would be transferred to highway This would result in a net gain of approximately 2,900 square metres of open space land. Download a plan of the proposed change to the highway boundaries (PDF 1.4MB).

Under national legislation these changes must be advertised for public comment. Notices have been advertised on site and in the local newspaper. Download the legal notice including details on how to object (PDF 414KB).

Timeline of the project

2006  Scheme was initially identified in the local transport plan 2.
2013  The concept design was developed and approved at committee.
2014 The business case was approved at committee.
2015  £8 million grant was awarded from the coast to capital local economic partnership committee approved the commencement of the design work.
2016  Committee approved the developed highway design.
2017  Planning permission was granted for the greenspace design

Funding for the project

The majority of the funding for this project comes from external sources including

  • Local growth fund grant - £8 million
  • Local transport plan capital programme - £1.373 million
  • Section 106 and other external contributions - £0.414 million

The total approved capital budget is £9.787 million.

Find out more

Valley Gardens is a conservation area. Get details from our planning service about the Valley Gardens conservation area.

To contact us about the Valley Gardens project, please email transport.projects@brighton-hove.gov.uk.