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Unfortunately due to Covid-19 pandemic we're not currently accepting applications. We apologise for this and hope to return to normal as soon as we are able.

What white return lines are

White return lines are road markings to deter parking across driveways. They look like an elongated capital "H" and extend across the access.

Unlike yellow lines, a white return line has no legal standing. This means that it cannot be enforced. However, an official dropped kerb can be enforced under the Traffic Management Act 2004 regardless of any road markings. The white line road marking is only used to highlight the presence of an access.

We can provide this line if your driveway has a dropped kerb. If you share your driveway or crossover we also require the approval of the people who share with you before we proceed.


It is the council's policy to charge for the provision of a white return line. The cost for the installation is £12 per metre of white line, we round this off to the nearest metre.

These costs are exclusive of VAT (VAT is not chargeable).

Download a white return line (WRL) application form (PDF 25KB)

Alternatively you can ask us to send you an application form.

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