Dropped kerbs and crossovers for vehicle access to a property

You can apply for a licence to build a vehicle crossover (dropped kerb) for access to your property. If you meet the criteria and safety standards, a licence will be issued with conditions attached. You will also need to check for underground equipment belonging to the utility companies and negotiate with them if it needs to be moved or protected.

If you are thinking of applying, please read our driveways and dropped kerbs guidance (PDF 262KB) - this explains the key criteria and requirements.

Application form

You can then download the Vehicle crossover application form (PDF 62KB).


Getting a dropped kerb is a two stage process, and there are separate fees for each stage.

  • The stage one fee is £75
  • If you are granted permission for your crossover the stage two fee is £100

You can pay the fees online.

You will also need to pay your contractor to carry out the work to your crossover.

If you require planning permission there are separate fees.

If you need more information or want a crossover application pack to be posted to you, please call 01273 290729 or email us at VehicleCrossovers@brighton-hove.gov.uk

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