Tips for using pay and display

When using pay and display please remember to:

  • check the sign to see the maximum time you can stay in the bay 
  • check the tariff on the machine that you're using
  • insert the correct money
  • make sure that all money has registered before you press the green button to produce the ticket
  • check the signs and lines on the road to ensure that you're parked in a pay and display bay
  • not overstay the maximum amount of time stated on the sign on the street
  • not return to the same bay within the time stated on the sign on the street


Length of stay (up to)


    1 hour    £1.20
    2 hours    £2.40
    4 hours    £4.70
    11 hours    £6.50

To help you plan on-street parking, check our list of streets in this zone where there is at least one pay and display machine.