Terms and conditions for a parking waiver

The waiver is only valid as shown on the waiver for a specific location, time and date.

The waiver is only issued for a mobile workshop which is a commercial vehicle with commercial insurance.

Waivers are not issued for cars, estates or motorcycles.

It must be displayed clearly on the windscreen so that the details can be clearly seen from the outside.

A vehicle must be moved on the instructions of a police officer or a Civil Enforcement Officer.

Materials or goods must not be deposited on the pavement or road (except temporarily immediately at the rear of the vehicle).

The vehicle should not be parked across any part of the pavement or road in such as way as to interfere with other vehicles or pedestrians.

A waiver does not permit dangerous or obstructive parking.

A waiver does not permit parking on zigzags, where there is a loading ban, bus stops, taxi ranks, pavement and the following types of bays permit, pay and display, loading, disabled and motorcycle.

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