Parking Permit centre 

The Parking Permit centre at Hove Town Hall is closed.

Please use the online service and emails as these are unaffected. We aim to acknowledge your email within 2 working days.

For details of how we handle the information that you provide to us, please read our privacy and data page and see our privacy notices


If you are a trade person working at a property in Brighton & Hove and need your vehicle as a mobile workshop then you can apply for a waiver.

Can I have a waiver?

We can issue a waiver if you have a commercial vehicle with commercial insurance. The vehicle must also be being used as a mobile workshop.

We do not issue to cars (including estate cars) or motorcycles.

Waivers are limited throughout the city and are issued on a first come first served basis. We can only issue a waiver close to the address where you are working. We are unable to issue a waiver more than two to three streets away.

In some areas due to the lack of available yellow lines we do not issue waivers.

If there is adequate pay and display in an area we also do not issue waivers.

What is the cost of a waiver and how can I pay?

A waiver costs £10 per day. You can pay by cheque and credit or debit card. 

Please write your name and address on the back of the cheque and make it payable to Brighton & Hove City Council.

If you spend over £50 on waivers every 3 months then we can register you for telephone waivers and send you an invoice for any purchased.

Please send an email to for further details.

How do I apply for a waiver?

Please complete the waiver application form and post it to:

Parking Information Centre

Hove Town Hall,

Norton Road



Alternatively this can be emailed to

This cannot be processed online.

What documents do I need to provide?

You need to provide proof of the job.

This should show the address you are working at. This allows us to assess where we can issue a waiver. The proof also needs to show the dates that the work is taking place.

Please send in copies of the documents do not send in originals.

Where can I park with a waiver?

A waiver is issued for a specific street, date, and between specified times.

You cannot park in any other street. Some waivers also have additional restrictions so it is important that you read the waiver in full so that you understand what these are.

Provided that the waiver is clearly on display then you can park on single or double yellow lines only not any other type of parking bay or space.

You cannot park where there is a loading restriction. When there is a loading restriction on a single yellow lines there will be one kerb marking and the sign on the street will tell you what time the restriction applies.

double yellow lines with yellow kerb markings

Why do you only issue waivers in certain streets?

Waivers are only issued for yellow lines. A comprehensive audit takes place at least once a year to see how many waivers we can issue per street. Some streets are too narrow, in other streets it would be unsafe to issue waivers and in some streets we are unable to issue due to resident complaints.

Where there is adequate pay and display we do not issue waivers.

Please remember that other motorists can use yellow lines, where there is no loading ban, for loading/unloading activities. Also Blue Badge holders can park on yellow lines to shorten the distances to their destination.

I am changing my vehicle what do I do?

Please inform the Parking Permit centre immediately as we will need to re-issue the waiver.

You can do this by calling 01273 296 622.

I have received a penalty charge notice when using a waiver, what do I do?

You should check the terms and conditions of use and also where you can park with a waiver on this page.

You should then decide whether to: