Traffic Regulation Orders

What is a Traffic Regulation Order (TRO)?

Traffic Regulation Orders (TROs) are legal documents that enable the council, as the local highway authority, to manage traffic in the city, including the use of roads for parking.  The following list includes most of the things for which a TRO is required: 

  • Controlled Parking Zones
  • parking places (permit, pay & display, disabled badge holders etc)
  • loading bays
  • yellow lines, loading restrictions and taxi ranks
  • one-way streets, prohibitions of vehicles, turning bans and vehicle weight restrictions
  • bus lanes and cycle lanes

TROs contain details of the restrictions including hours of operation and locations, which are currently described in written schedules. Work is underway to use maps to show the locations of parking and yellow line restrictions.

Without a TRO, restrictions could not be enforced.  For example, non-residents could park in residents' bays and anyone could park in a disabled badge holder's bay.  

Find out more about parking restrictions in the city

How is a TRO made?

Before we can make a permanent TRO we must follow a statutory process which is set out in central government legislation.

The first part of the process involves advertising the proposals in a public notice and allowing 21 days for objections, or comments in support. If there are objections they are presented, together with any comments in support, to a Committee meeting for consideration.The Committee Members will then decide whether the proposals should go ahead as advertised, amended or not proceed at all. After this and if any issues arising have been resolved, we can seal the TRO and make any changes needed on the ground.

We receive many requests every year for new restrictions or changes to existing restrictions and the statutory process means that it can take a long time for things to be implemented. As it would be very costly to make separate TROs for every individual request, we compile two city wide orders each year, one of which we aim to advertise in May/June and the other in November/December. We also compile an additional city wide order just for disabled parking bays which is normally advertised in August/September (this means that for disabled parking bay applicants there are three opportunities each year for a TRO).

Other TROs are made each year for specific projects eg new controlled parking zones or new road safety schemes.   

Where can I see TROs or notices of proposals?

Please click on the following link:

If you wish to see a TRO that is not on the list,  please email Copies of many of our TROs can also be found on the Traffic Penalty Tribunal's website.

What are contraventions of Traffic Regulation Orders?

TROs are legally enforceable. If a restriction is not followed then a contravention occurs. For example, parking in a permit bay without a permit or ignoring a one-way street restriction.  

The council can issue Penalty Charge Notices for contraventions of parking and waiting restrictions and in the camera controlled bus lanes.

The police have responsibility for other ‘moving traffic’ type contraventions, for example one-way streets and turning bans.

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