School permit

Please Note: The Parking permit centre now closes at 1pm on Tuesdays

A school permit is issued so that teaching staff are able to park close to their place of work.

A school cannot have unlimited amounts of permits as these are allocated in accordance with the council's terms and conditions. They are not issued to any other staff members such as administrative or premises staff.

Can I have a school permit?

A school within the controlled parking zone is entitled to one permit per six teaching staff. Administrative, premises and/or volunteer staff do not qualify.


How do I apply for or renew a school permit?

You should complete the school permit application form and return it to us by post or in person with the documents requested.


What documents do I need to provide?

The headteacher needs to write to us with a list of staff that confirms the total amount of teaching staff employed at the school. This should be on headed paper and signed by the head teacher.


How much will it cost and how can I pay?

You can pay by cash, cheque and credit or debit card (including American Express).

Please write your name and address on the reverse of the cheque and make it payable to Brighton & Hove City Council.


Where can I park with a school permit?

With a school permit you can park in a permit bay or a shared use bay in the zone specified on the permit. You must ensure that the permit is displayed clearly with all of the details of the permit visible from the outside of the vehicle.

permit holders only sign

pay and display or permit holders sign

I am changing my vehicle what do I do?

A school permit is not vehicle specific so you do not need to do anything.


I am no longer teaching at the school what do I do?

You should surrender the permit to the school. Providing that they are not exceeding their allocation they are able to issue it to another member of teaching staff.

When this permit is returned to the school and this exceeds the amount that they can be issued with then the school must return it to us by post or in person.


I have received a Penalty Charge Notice when using my school permit what do I do?

You should check the conditions of use and also check that the permit has been used in the correct place and it was displayed clearly.

You should then decide whether to:

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