Request a restriction

The council receives many requests to create new parking restrictions or to change existing restrictions.

To create or change parking restrictions a Traffic Regulation Order (TRO) has to be made. This is the legal document behind any section of waiting restriction and allows the line to be enforced by the council.

The process of implementing a TRO is both lengthy and costly and can take several months to complete. The TRO has to be advertised to the public for a minimum of 21 days. If after this time there are no objections to the restrictions the lines can be implemented. If there are objections, these have to be presented in a report at one of the scheduled Transport Committee. The elected council members will then decide whether the proposal should go ahead or not.

Contact Us

All requests must be made in writing

Email requests to

Or write to:

Parking Infrastructure, 
Hove Town Hall
Norton Road

How to request a parking restriction

Contact us to create a new parking restriction or to change an existing restriction. Please include:

  • the exact location
  • why you feel the new restriction or change is required
  • tell us if you think there would be support from other people in the area.

We are now prioritising resources on essential signing and lining maintenance so are unable to carry out changes to parking restrictions outside of resident parking schemes, with the exception of disabled bay requests.​