Removing, upgrading and replacing pay and display machines

On 30 January 2017 work started on removing, upgrading and replacing pay and display machines in Brighton & Hove as the council prepares for the introduction of the new 12-sided £1 coin.

Most parking machines in in the city will be switched to pay-by-card as part of a £1.8m investment to improve machine reliability and cut down on theft.

As well as issuing tickets in the traditional way, the new machines will require drivers to key in their registration number. This will make enforcement easier and more efficient. In future, it could also pave the way for a new app to help drivers find vacant on street parking spaces in the city.

The Pay by phone and PayPoint services will continue to operate as normal. Drivers wishing to pay at a machine should be able to find one further up the street or in the next road.

You can get further information by reading the full press release and in our Frequently Asked Questions below

Why is the council removing and replacing parking  machines?

The machines are being removed and replaced to coincide with the introduction of the new 12 sided pound coin due to be released on 28 March 2017. Many of these machines were in poor condition and due to be replaced.

How many machines will be removed? 

Around 650 will be replaced or upgraded to accept card only payments and a further 150 will be switched to pay by card or cash.

Why will most machines be pay by card only?

In a recent survey, drivers told us they preferred to use a card to pay for their parking. The move away from cash will also cut down on theft and damage to machines, making them more reliable.

Will I still be able to pay by cash?

Yes. Around 150 machines will still take cash payments, including the new £1 coins. Drivers can also pay by cash at any of the PayPoint shops in the city. Machines taking cash will be placed in area where they are most needed.

See our map for locations of these machines

See a list by parking zone of the cash machines

Where are the PayPoint shops in Brighton & Hove?

Paypoint shops are listed on the council website

Will I have to pay a service charge when paying by card at a machine?


Why do I have to enter my vehicle registration number?

Entering the vehicle registration number will make enforcement easier and more efficient. In future, it could also pave the way for a new app to help drivers find vacant on street parking spaces in the city.It also helps resolve issues such as lost tickets.

What if I make a mistake when entering my vehicle registration number?

If you enter your vehicle registration number incorrectly and are issued with a penalty charge notice you may wish to appeal. Every case will be treated fairly and individually

Do I still need to display my ticket?

Yes, the ticket needs to be clearly displayed in the vehicle.

Where I can I find out more about PayByPhone parking?  

You can find more information here paybyphone-parking

More than 40% of drivers in the city now use the PayByPhone service.

How much is all this costing?

The cost of installing mostly pay-by-card machines is around £1.5m. Buying machines which take the new coin and accept vehicle numbers would have cost £2.5 million.

When can we pay by card on the new machines ?

The machines are currently being tested and we hope that that this function will be working from Monday 27 February 2017

We will update this web page if there are any delays