Refreshment of all road markings for the area C parking scheme

Work to reline the existing road markings for area C will begin on Monday 15th October 2018  and run for seven weeks.

Please see the lining schedule for the dates on which the work will take place.

We’re required to put up warning notices 48 hours before work begins. Cones and signs will be placed on street from Saturday 13th October 2018.  

Please note Lining work is subject to weather conditions, rain or other adverse conditions may cause a delay.

Moving vehicles

Please move vehicles, where possible, to nearby streets before work starts. We will only relocate vehicles as a last resort. If a vehicle must be moved, it will be towed to an adjacent road, or to the top/bottom of the road – as close as possible to the original location. We will not fine or charge vehicle owners if this happens. We will also notify the police if we move a vehicle, in case it is reported as stolen when the driver returns.

If your vehicle is moved and you are unsure where it is, please call: 0345 603 5469.

If you have specific questions, please direct them to the Parking Infrastructure team:


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