Penalty Charge Notices (PCN)

We are not able to discuss Penalty Charge Notices in person, by the telephone or via social media. Any enquiries must be in writing so that we have an audit trail of all correspondence and the reasons behind any decisions made.

Photographs or CCTV footage might be available for your case, but there is no legal requirement to have photographs related to your case.

You can view any photographs taken by the Civil Enforcement Office or CCTV prior to deciding whether you want to pay or challenge the Penalty Charge Notice. Photographs can be viewed 24 hours after the ticket has been issued.

Find your Penalty Charge Notice number

We do not accept payment in instalments

Policy on instalment payments for PCNs 

Cost of a Penalty Charge Notice

The cost of a Penalty Charge Notice is set by the Department for Transport.

There are lower and higher contraventions because some contraventions are more serious than others.



Penalty Charge Notice (PCN)

Full charge

Discounted charge (paid within 14 days or 21 for a postal PCN issued by CCTV)

Charge Certificate amount

Higher level




Lower level