PayByPhone Parking

PayByPhone parking is now available in all parking bays where you pay across Brighton & Hove.

How to use the PayByPhone parking

Please register for PayByPhone before first use. This can be done at the time of parking.

You do no need a smart phone to use the service.

Touch tone

  1. Call the number displayed on signage
  2. Respond to the prompts
  3. Wait to hear that parking has started


  1. Text 65565 with LOCATION (see on street signage), DURATION (in hours) and the 3 digit security code from the back of the registered payment card.
  2. Wait for text confirmation that parking has started

Mobile Web

  1. Visit
  2. Log in, then enter your parking requirements

Mobile Apps

  1. Mobile apps are available for iPhone, Android and Blackberry devices

Why we’ve introduced PayByPhone parking

We’ve introduced this service because there are a number of advantages for our customers

These include:

  • paying without cash
  • paying from a  vehicle
  • extending parking time remotely

Find out more about why we introduced PayByPhone and other frequently asked questions.

Pay & Display

Although the council is reducing the number of cash payment machines on street there will be at least one in any street where you can pay for parking.  So if you don’t have a mobile phone or prefer not to use it for parking then you can still pay this way.


paypointIf you’d prefer to pay using cash or don’t have a phone or can’t access PayByPhone and need an alternative to pay & display machines, you can go to a PayPoint shop. There are over 150 shops across the city displaying the PayPoint sign where you can pay for parking in cash. You can use the PayPoint website to find your nearest PayPoint shop.

You will need the parking location shown on the sign where your car is parked and your vehicle registration number.  You can also use notes and receive change at a PayPoint shop.