Parking Zone U

Parking zone U was the area around St Luke's.

Changes happening to Zone U 

On the 3rd June 2019 the roads which were in Zone U became part of Zone C.

The scheme has changed from ‘light touch’ to a full scheme with operational hours of Monday to Sunday 9am to 8pm. It includes the introduction of paid parking bays as well as permit holder bays.

Residents can park in Zone C using their current Zone U permit.

Zone U permit holders can continue to use their existing permits, until they run out. Once they're up for renewal or replacement, they'll be issued for Zone C.

Please see Parking Zone C for more details about this Zone.

You can find more information in our frequently asked questions (PDF 57KB).

These changes are happening following a consultation with residents in this area. Please see the parking schemes update report (PDF 245KB) for more details on why these changes are happening.

Is there a map of the zone?

See our map of the Controlled Parking Zone of Brighton & Hove.

To find your road type in your house number and name of the road. You can zoom in and out to see which streets were in Zone U.

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