Parking Zone C

Controlled Parking Zone C covers the area around Kemp Town and Queen's Park.

To see if you are eligible for a permit, please use our find your zone search facility.

Please note from Monday 3rd June roads currently in Zone U will become a part of Zone C.


How does the zone work?

In this zone there are:


What hours do the restrictions operate?

Please always check the signs on street as these will give you the information that you require at the time of parking

For all other restrictions please refer to the sign on the street.


Is there a waiting list in zone?

There is currently no waiting list in Zone C.


Is there a map of the zone?

See a map of the whole Controlled Parking Zone of Brighton & Hove. To find your road type in your house number and name of the road.

You can zoom in and out to see the streets in Zone C.

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