Parking suspension - Reserve a parking bay

A parking suspension is where someone reserves a parking space for a specific use. The normal parking restriction on the sign no longer applies because the bays are suspended for a particular reason, and can only be used by those who have reserved the bay.

Apply for a bay suspension online

To apply online please complete the reserve a parking bay online application form.

Payment must be made in advance by either a debit or credit card. 

We can't guarantee unauthorised vehicles will be removed. We have a tow truck available until 12pm and attempt to remove unauthorised vehicles before 12pm on the day of the suspension. Refunds will not be considered where a vehicle has ignored the suspension signs after 12pm on the day.

Please be aware, we cannot guarantee to carry out every suspension request. It's not always possible when there are major events in the city, such as the Brighton Marathon and the Pride Parade. We'll let you if your requested suspension is possible, and if not, tell you when the next available date a suspension can take place.

How much notice you need to give

We need seven full working days notice for standard applications, and three full working days notice for skip placement applications. If less notice is given, we will not suspend a bay. Applications received after 2pm will be processed the next working day.

For long term or large scale suspension requests, more notice is needed.

Bay suspension FAQ's can be found in the Suspension FAQs document at the bottom of this page.

Bay suspension costs

The cost is £40 per bay per calendar day, for standard applications, and £20 per bay per calendar day for skip placement applications.

An administration charge of £30 (£15 for residents) applies to all applications. Suspension charges for utility works and long term applications vary, please see the table below.

Councillors approved the new fees and charges for Parking Suspensions at the Environment, Transport and Sustainability Committee. For more information, please see the committee report packs for 22 January 2019 and 25 June 2019.

Application Type

Daily Charge

Skip Suspension - per bay per day £20.00
Removals/Building Work/Event suspension - per bay per day £40.00
Utility suspension, non central - per bay per day  £50.00
Utility suspension, central zones M, Y and Z - per bay per day  £60.00


Long Term Application - from day 29 onwards

Daily Charge

Skip suspension - per bay per day £25.00
Building work suspension - per bay per day £50.00
Utility suspension, non central - per bay per day £60.00
Utility suspension, central zone M, Y and Z - per bay per day £80.00


Other Charges


Administration fee - 50% discount for residents £30.00
Amendment/Cancellation fee £25.00
Community Events with attendance of less than 15K - per bay per day £20.00 

Further information about charges and refunds can be found in the Bay Suspension Charges and Refund Information documents at the bottom of this page.

You can suspend a parking space for the following reasons:

  • moving house
  • a wedding car
  • a funeral car
  • to place a skip (you will also need a skip licence from the Highways Enforcement team)
  • works such as gas, telephone and water line maintenance
  • special events
  • photo shoots
  • filming

We cannot suspend yellow lines or unrestricted parking areas where there is no resident permit scheme or bays to suspend.

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