Parking schemes, restrictions & legislation

We've produced a number of guides to explain parking restrictions in Brighton & Hove. The guides give information such as who can park there, whether the restriction applies on bank holidays and much more.

If you do not obey a parking restriction you may receive a penalty charge notice. Take a look at our top 10 tips for avoiding a Penalty Charge Notice.

If you see a vehicle parked where it should not be you can report it to us.

Other information you may find useful is the Highway Code and Know your traffic signs.

Parking legislation

Traffic Regulation Orders (TRO), consultations and legislation

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Controlled Parking Zones (CPZ)

Parking consultations for Balfour Road and Preston Village areas

The parking consultations for Balfour Road and Preston Village areas closed on 11 November 2016. The results of the consultation will be reported to the Environment, Transport and Sustainability Committee on Tuesday 17 January 2017. Find out about the Environment, Transport and Sustainability committee and download committee papers.

Parking consultation process

We understand that there are a number of areas in the city where parking is causing concern and residents are asking for consultation on parking controls as soon as possible.

It is not possible for us to work on schemes in every area at once.  It is important that the council has enough time in each area to consult residents fully and to work up the best possible designs and options.

A new timetable was agreed in October 2015 which sets out what can realistically be achieved.  The important factor to consider about this timetable is that although each area has to be placed on a waiting list, it does cover bigger areas at a time to try and minimise the knock-on effects of displacement. Officer and contractor capacity is also limited, so needs to be directed in a focused way.  

The areas identified on the timetable were the result of the review process for individual areas. The review also covered displaced vehicles in adjacent areas and the need to tackle conflicting demands for parking spaces such as those generated by any combination of different requirements eg residents, offices, shops, and train stations.  

Any changes to the timetable need to be decided at Environment, Transport and Sustainability Committee, bearing in mind that capacity to include extra work is very limited, and that any additional schemes could have a serious impact on the projected timetable.

Previous consultations

We've consulted with residents in Zone U about changes to their current parking scheme. This consultation has now ended. The consultation for West Hove has also closed.