motorcycle parking sign

What motorcycle bays are for

Motorcycle bays are available throughout Brighton & Hove and they are free for all solo motorcycles.

Motorcycles are not permitted to park in other bays, like resident permit bay or pay and display (even if displaying a valid pay and display ticket). 

Can I park in a motorcycle bay?

Only solo motorcycles can park in a motorcycle bay.

Why do we have motorcycle bays?

We have motorcycle bays so solo motorcycles can park in a bay dedicated for their use. This minimises damage to motorcycles and other vehicles. They are also free to use.

Motorcycles are seen as a sustainable form of transport, so we're committed to encouraging their use as an alternative to the car.

How do I know when restrictions apply?

The sign on the street will have this information. If no times are shown the bay operates at all times, 24 hours a day and every day.

Where are motorcycle bays located?

Over 350 motorcycle bays can be found across the city, with over 60 of those with locking provisions.

Where can I park my trike?

A trike cannot be parked in a motorcycle bay but you can park them in a paid parking bay. Please ensure that the pay and display ticket is secure and that it cannot fall off.

If you are a resident of Brighton & Hove then you are able to purchase a resident permit. You will need to ensure that you can securely display your permit.

I have received a penalty charge notice when parking in a motorcycle bay what do I do?

You should decide whether to: