Loading and unloading

Parking regulations permit a vehicle to stop to load or unload on single or double yellow lines with no loading ban.

While you can load or unload for as long as it takes, your vehicle must be moved immediately when you have finished loading or unloading.

Our new Loading and unloading leaflet (PDF 684KB) explains where you can and cannot load and unload in the city.

When are you permitted to load and unload?

Loading or unloading is allowed when the goods or equipment being transported are heavy or cumbersome. Loading and unloading also covers deliveries.

Loading and unloading must be taking place. If there are any breaks in the activity, for example to make a cup of tea, then the vehicle should be moved to an alternative parking space such as a pay and display bay and a ticket should be purchased from the machine on the street.

What are loading bays for?

Loading bays can be used by anyone who is loading/unloading. You cannot park in a loading bay. The days and times that the restriction applies are shown on the sign on the street.

Can I load/unload on single and double yellow lines?

You can load and unload on single and double yellow lines where there is no loading ban.

Where there is a loading ban you will see yellow marks on the kerb.

Double yellow chevrons next to a double yellow line means no loading is permitted at any time.

A single chevron next to a single yellow line will mean no loading is permitted at certain times and a sign on the street will tell you what these days and times are. 

You should not cause an obstruction such as parking near a junction.

Yellow lines are enforced up to the building boundary including pavement, grass verge and central reservations.

Can I load and unload in a permit, shared use or pay and display bay?

You are not allowed to load and unload in permit, shared use or pay and display bays.

You are also not allowed to load and unload in parking places such as taxi ranks, disabled bays and any other bay that is set aside for a specific vehicle or motorist.

However, if you receive a Penalty Charge Notice and you can prove that it was reasonable and necessary to do so in this type of bay we may consider your appeal.

Can I load in any other type of bay?

You cannot load or unload in any other type of bay.

I have received a Penalty Charge Notice when loading and unloading what do I do?

Please read the information above on loading and unloading to see if you were allowed to load and unload.

If you were loading or unloading you should appeal the notice and include evidence of this activity for example a delivery note, receipt or if you were loading or unloading because you were moving house confirmation of this such as a tenancy agreement.

You should then decide whether to:


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