City-wide parking review

City-wide parking review

A city-wide review of parking has now been completed


Before the council took responsibility for parking enforcement in July 2001, illegal parking was a huge problem in the city. Vehicles parked on yellow lines, at junctions and in bus stops were a major cause of traffic congestion in the city. Since the council took control of parking, congestion in the city has been greatly reduced, parking is easier, and firm but fair parking enforcement has curbed the behaviour of the minority of selfish drivers causing misery for others.

In October 2011 the council made a commitment to review parking schemes in the city to ensure a fair balance between the needs of residents, businesses and visitors. 

The purpose of the review was to improve the way we manage parking and to look at the future of resident parking schemes, including how we consult and whether to consult on new parking schemes or to extend existing schemes.

When introducing new parking schemes the council must demonstrate that they would be self-financing and not funded through Council Tax. This is why charges have to be made for on-street parking through permits and Pay & Display. If there is any surplus income it can be spent on transport facilities, such as traffic calming and pedestrian crossings in Brighton & Hove.

Our current Parking Policy objectives are to:

·         Reduce congestion and keep traffic moving

·         Provide access safely to those that need it most

·         Deliver excellent customer service

What's happened so far?

Over the spring/summer of 2012 council representatives attended over 40 community meetings all over the city talking directly to over 800 residents.  Transport user groups, councillors, business organisations and disability groups have also been contacted. 

In the autumn a sample of 6000 households city wide were sent a leaflet and questionnaire to which they could respond by post or on line.  

What was the purpose of the survey?

The purpose of the survey was to find out how well residents think the council is managing parking and for suggestions on how we can improve.   

What are the results?

Transport committee met on 15 January to consider the survey results and approve the final report

Please read the minutes of the meeting using the following link, you will find the report at agenda item 53.  Transport Committee 15/01

The report makes a number of recommendations on parking policies and includes a timetable on future resident parking scheme consultations, please use the links below.

·                 Appendix A Map of existing and proposed parking reviews , item 53. PDF 7 MB

·                 Appendix B Proposed timetable for parking reviews , item 53. PDF 35 KB

The new parking timetable, and the policy recommendations will begin as soon as resources are made

If you have any queries, please email

Or telephone 01273 293693

or write to:

Owen McElroy
Project Manager
Room 501 Kings House
Grand Avenue

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