What you need for a resident permit

To qualify for a resident permit you need to be:

  • 17 years old or over
  • resident in the property you are applying for at least 5 nights a week

You will need to upload copies of:

  • 2 proofs of residency dated within the last 3 months - both individual proofs must be in your name and addressed to you at the property you are requesting a permit for
  • one of these proofs must be the valid schedule page of your motor insurance policy, with your correct address on it - if your insurance policy doesn’t have the right address it won’t be valid, so you should make sure this is right even if you weren’t applying for a parking permit
  • something like a utility bill, bank statement, council tax bill or tenancy agreement / letter from letting agent on headed company paper confirming tenancy which must include name, address and date of tenancy is suitable for the second proof.

If you're a student

Find information about resident permits for students and how to apply.

If you have an over-sized vehicle

You can still apply, but we reserve the right to refuse to issue a permit, or at any time to withdraw an issued permit, if your vehicle weighs more than 2,540 kilograms, is over 2.25 metres high or is over 6 metres long.

This is so we can take into account the specific circumstances of your local area and reported evidence of adverse impact on other road users in the area.

When you cannot apply for a resident permit

You may not apply for a resident permit if you:

  • have a resident permit already
  • live in a car-free development (PDF)
  • are a landlord or owner who does not reside at the property for a minimum of 5 nights a week - this includes second home owners