Local Transport Plan 5 (LTP5)

We are developing our fifth Local Transport Plan (LTP5) for Brighton & Hove to deliver our 2030 transport vision for the city:

‘Better connected residents, businesses and visitors, for an improved quality of life in a healthy, inclusive and carbon neutral city.’

LTP5 will set out our outcomes and priorities for transport and travel across the city to 2030 and what we need to do to deliver them. It will help everyone move around the city more safely, sustainably, and easily, and for the cleaner transport of goods, from the restocking of shops and restaurants to online deliveries.

It will support our move towards becoming carbon neutral by 2030, along with other plans and strategies such as those relating to air quality, accessibility, the economy and health, and our City Plan, which guides future development. It will also help the city’s recovery from the Covid-19 pandemic.

LTP5 will be based on important principles that build on the work that we’ve already done. We want to reduce the need for people to travel, change how they travel and create more transport that is low or zero emission and powered by renewable energy.

Autumn 2021 public consultation

Thank you to everyone who completed the survey, attended one of our public drop-in sessions or other events during our autumn 2021 public consultation on our direction of travel for developing LTP5, which includes a number of priorities and principles for future travel in the city, along with a range of projects that we are already delivering or exploring.

We are now collating and analysing the feedback received, and your views will feed into developing the draft LTP5 document which will set out more detail of the proposed interventions, including timescales. This will be consulted on and published in 2022. The draft LTP5 document for consultation is expected to be approved by the Environment, Transport and Sustainability (ETS) Committee in March 2022, when the autumn 2021 consultation report will also be published.

Further public consultation will be undertaken on individual interventions once they have been developed further following approval of the final LTP5 document later in 2022.

Local Transport Plan 4 (LTP4)

The Local Transport Plan 4 document was approved by the city council in March 2015. It is the fourth Local Transport Plan and is therefore referred to as LTP4.

It sets out priorities, projects and programmes that need to be progressed in the future to help people move around the city more safely, sustainably, and easily.

The three main ways in which the council will help keep the city moving are by:

  • Maintaining and renewing the transport network and its infrastructure to increase resilience.
  • Managing movement on the transport network, changing travel behaviour and informing people’s travel choices in dynamic ways to increase efficiency and sustainability.
  • Improving sustainable and accessible transport infrastructure, connections, information and options to link people with places and communities, and provide a safer and more attractive environment.

The plan includes a long-term strategy for delivering transport improvements that looks ahead to 2030; and a short-term Delivery Plan focussed on the next four years (2015/16 – 2018/19) which is primarily based on the £20.3 million worth of capital funding that will be provided by the government during this period.

How has the plan been developed?

The plan has been developed based on existing knowledge and information; approved plans and strategies; and evidence and data from within Brighton & Hove and the wider Greater Brighton City Region area.

Consultation and engagement with established partnerships and stakeholders helped to shape the plan and identify priorities, projects and programmes that need to be progressed for the future to help people move around the city more safely, sustainably, and easily.  

Why has the plan been developed?

The government introduced the requirement for councils to have a Local Transport Plan in 2000.

Local Transport Plan 3 (LTP3)

The third Local Transport Plan (LTP3) was agreed in May 2011. It has now been replaced by the fourth Local Transport Plan.


Local Sustainable Transport Fund


The council made a bid to the Local Sustainable Transport Fund (LSTF) in Spring 20011. See our application:


Better Bus Areas

The council made a bid to the Department for Transport Better Bus Areas fund in February 2012, see the submitted bid document for further details [PDF 4.2mb]. We are expecting to hear the outcome by the end of March 2012.