Public Spaces Protection Order Anti-social Behaviour, Crime and Policing Act 2014

Please be aware that alcohol restrictions apply in Brighton & Hove

In order to prevent public nuisance and disorder, Brighton & Hove is subject to a Public Spaces Protection Order restricting alcohol consumption.

If you are asked to stop drinking or hand over alcohol by a police officer or an authorised person and, without reasonable excuse, you:

  • continue to drink alcohol, and/or
  • fail to hand over any container (sealed or unsealed) believed to contain alcohol

You may be liable for prosecution and, on conviction, a fine of up to £500.

A police officer or an authorised person may dispose of alcohol handed over under this order in any appropriate way.

The order is not intended to be used to remove alcohol from those having a picnic in the park or a quiet drink on the beach. The intention is to ensure that the city is a safer more pleasant place for visitors and local residents and not to prevent law abiding people from enjoying themselves.