Woodland Walk Log Memorials

woodvale log gardenThe Garden of Remembrance at Woodvale features a woodland walk area with lots of wildlife and woodland plants. The pathways are lined with logs to which commemorative plaques can be fixed. The area behind the logs can be used for either a burial or scattering of cremated remains. A green flute-shaped container can be provided for cut flowers and memorial owners are encouraged to plant bulbs and other woodland plants.The memorial plaques are approximately 6 x 4 inches and made from perspex and coloured brown with white lettering. There is room for eight lines of inscription with 25 letters and spaces per line. 

The plaques are placed for an initial period of 10 years with the option to further extend this period. An existing plaque can be replaced by the memorial owner.

Woodvale logs

See a larger picture of the plaques (PDF 5.5MB)

Arranging a memorial

  • Commemorative plaque for a 10 year period - £218
  • ​Option to renew for an additional 5 years - £109
  • ​Optional motif added to commemorative plaque - £19
  • ​Replacement plaque (for example to add another person) - £101

Completed application forms, payments and enquiries should be directed toward the Memorials Officer:

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