Memorial jewellery and paperweights

A crematorium tribute ringA small amount of cremated remains of a loved one can be crafted into a small memento to keep close to you always.

A round jewellery pendantThe items (apart from the paperweights) are made from Sterling Silver or 9ct Gold (in white or yellow) and contain glass. The cremated remains are beautifully speckled into the glass by skilled craftsmen. The colour of the glass can be in blue, ruby, green, purple or black. A small message can also be engraved (not including earrings).

Options (including prices)

Crematorium paperweights Ordering your personal memento

If you would like to arrange a memento an application form (PDF 127KB) can be completed at the Woodvale Lodge, or alternatively this can be posted to you to return to us. It is advisable to make an appointment with the Memorials Officer if visiting the Woodvale Lodge.

Please note that if the cremated remains are still at the crematorium following the funeral, only the Applicant for Cremation can make an order for jewellery. If you are in possession of the cremated remains already, please bring these to the office so that a small amount can be taken for the item(s) to be made. For rings, it will be necessary for correct measurements to be provided - measuring kits are available at the office.

Your item will take approximately six weeks to arrive and can be collected from the Woodvale Lodge office or alternatively can be forwarded to you by post.

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