Bronze Tree of Remembrance

Woodvale hall of memoryThe Tree of Remembrance is a beautiful new feature in Woodvale's Hall of Memory and provides a unique option for commemoration of a loved one. Six feet tall and made from bronze, there is space for up to 270 aluminium gold-coloured leaves on which a personal dedication can be written.

Leaves can be purchased for placement on the tree for an initial period of:

  • Two years for £117
  • Five years for £168
  • Ten years for £251
  • Additional years can be bought for £17

Woodvale - Memory tree

The time period can be extended at any time during the memorial lease and a reminder is sent when due.

Arranging a memorial leaf

Orders take four to six weeks to be completed and we will notify you when the leaf is in place. Please see the application form for full terms and conditions.

Completed application forms, payments and enquiries should be directed toward the Memorials Officer:

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