The Book of Remembrance

The Hall of Memory contains the vellum bound Books of Remembrance for each chapel, to provide a dignified memorial in perpetuity. There is a page in each chapels book for each day of the year and entries are written under the deceased's date of death. If the person's funeral was not at Woodvale an entry can still be put in the Books of Remembrance.

Book of Remembrance

Entries are carefully hand-inscribed by highly skilled calligraphers, in an elegant style, and can include additional artwork on request. If required, a replica of an entry can also be provided in the form of a miniature Remembrance Card or miniature Book (with several pages for future use). 

See a larger image of a page (PDF 600KB)

Arranging an entry

To preserve space in the books for the future, only one entry per deceased person is allowed and the application must come from the same person that applied for the cremation (or have their consent.) Please note, if the application is received later than six months after the funeral the entry may not be in the book for the first anniversary of the person's death.

Applicants have a choice of applying for a two line, five line, or eight line entry. There is room for 35 letters (including spaces) per line. If a specific piece of artwork is desired (to go with either a five or eight line entry), it is recommended to send an example with the application.

  • Two line entry - £72
  • Each additional line - £17

Optional extras for entries of 5 lines or more

  • Floral emblem, service badges, crests or shieids - £78
  • Illuminated captial letter - £122
  • Full coat of arms - £130

Additional items such as individual remembrance cards, miniature book of remembrance are also available and can have additional entries at any time.

Completed application forms, payments and enquiries should be directed toward the Memorials Officer:

See other memorial options at Woodvale.