Social value

Social Value is a way of thinking about how scarce resources are allocated and used.  

It involves looking beyond the price of each individual contract or the cost of a service.

Social value means taking into account the following when we award a contract or design a service 

  • social benefit
  • economic benefit
  • environmental benefit

Brighton & Hove City Council uses the following definition of social value:

"Social Value is about securing maximum impact on local priorities from all public investment. The city will maximise social value by focusing particularly on strengthening communities through collaborative working across the public, private and community and voluntary sectors."

Social value guide and framework

The social value framework shows how the city is embedding the Social Value Act in what we do. We produced the framework with partners from a multi agency group.

Download our Social Value Framework (PDF 615KB)  

Our social value guide supports people to embed social value into the commissioning and procurement activity of public bodies in Brighton & Hove. 

This includes

  • council officers
  • service commissioners
  • bidders/suppliers

Download our Social Value Guide (PDF 1.13MB)