What you can apply for

You can apply for funding towards core costs, to cover the specific costs of an activity or for the purchase of small items of equipment.

All applications must address one of the following three key outcomes:

  • improving wellbeing
  • building cohesion
  • promoting fairness

Communities Fund 2020-2021

The Covid-19 pandemic has resulted in changes to the Communities Fund 2020-2021.

Covid-19 emergency funding was awarded to 44 community and voluntary groups across the city. A total of £170,254 being awarded to support them as they manage the changing needs across the city and the changes to their delivery methods.

The Engagement Fund 2020-2021 has been targeted towards Black Asian and Minority Ethnic (BAME) groups. 

The Resilience Fund 2020-2021 Covid-19 recovery funding has targeted Covid-19 related recovery work. Applications are currently being appraised.

Resilience Fund 2020-2021 Carbon Reduction funding

Applications are now open for the new Resilience Fund for Carbon Reduction work across the city.

£100,000 from the 2020-2021 Communities Fund is being made available for innovative projects that contribute to carbon reduction in the communities of Brighton & Hove.

We’re looking to support projects that, for example, promote active and sustainable travel, create and improve open spaces, support a ‘reduce, repair, reuse and recycle’ approach.

Find out how we plan to become carbon neutral by 2030.

Application process

Applications are open to Brighton & Hove community and voluntary organisations. The planned project must be just for the Brighton & Hove area.

The following applies:

  • applications to the funding are open from 19 October
  • projects can apply for a grant to a maximum amount of £10,000, and projects must be completed by 30 September 2021
  • funding can pay for core costs of the group or organisation, project costs, or a combination of both, as well as small items of equipment costing up to £250 each
  • groups should either have a written constitution and a bank account with two signatories, or if they do not have a written constitution or bank account, they can apply through an ‘umbrella’ organisation
  • an umbrella organisation will have a written constitution, bank account, annual accounts, and be able to offer support to the unconstituted group in its development
  • an umbrella group might be, for example, Community Works, the Hangleton & Knoll Project, or The Trust for Developing Communities. This is not an exclusive list but indicates organisations that have agreed to carry out this role
  • the deadline for applications is Friday 27 November and you need to submit bids via our Communities Fund online application portal
  • grant award decisions will be announced during the week beginning 25 January 2021

Complete the online form to apply to the communities fund.

If you have questions about the fund or the bidding process, please send an email to communitiesteam@brighton-hove.gov.uk.

Useful documents

You may also find the following reference documents helpful: