Naming Ceremonies

What are naming ceremonies?

Naming ceremonies are intended to offer a way of celebrating a child's birth or adoption and welcome the new arrival into the family and the wider community.

Naming Ceremonies are not restricted to babies. More than one child in the same family unit can be included in the ceremony (for an additional charge). However, children from other family units cannot be included in that ceremony.

What happens at a Naming Ceremony?

  • Introduction and welcome   
  • Reading   
  • Naming of the child (or children)   
  • Parents' promises   
  • Promises by supporting adults   
  • Closing words

The ceremony is tailor made to suit you.

Who makes the arrangements?

Any parent or guardian of the child can make arrangements for a ceremony; parents do not need to be married. A naming ceremony cannot be used to officially change a child's name.

Where does the ceremony take place?

Naming ceremonies are currently being held at Brighton Town Hall, approved venues and by special arrangement can be held at other venues such as private homes and gardens.

How much does a ceremony cost?

Fees for Naming ceremonies

The total fees are due at the time of booking.

Please also read our cancellation policy 

Please note: Naming Ceremonies have no legal status and cannot be used to change a child's name.

For further information please contact one of our celebrants

Tel: (01273) 292016 or email