Frequently asked questions about ceremonies

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to bring any ID on the day of my ceremony?

No, you have provided your ID when you entered your notice of marriage or civil partnership.

Who is included in the room capacity?

There are strict limits and include children, babies, witnesses and photographers as we have to comply with insurance and fire regulations. Guests who exceed our legal limit may be denied access to the ceremony rooms. In Brighton Town Hall: The Fitzherbert Room capacity is 8 guests; the Regency Room capacity is 50 guests; the Council Chamber capacity is for 120 guests and the Police Cells capacity is 30 guests. Please contact your approved venue for their capacity.

When should I enter notice and should I book my ceremony first?

You can book both at the same time or just your ceremony. It is your responsibility to make sure you enter your notice in good time to make sure you can legally have a marriage or civil partnership. Please see the information regarding your notice of marriage/civil partnership.

How do I give you information about personalising my ceremony with readings, music, arriving separately, etc.?

Please fill out our ceremony checklist 

Can we add our own personal vows?

Yes, you can write a few lines of your own personal vows via our checklist but please bear in mind that no religious wording can be used.

When should we arrive? What if we’re arriving separately?

The couple should arrive a good fifteen minutes before the ceremony start time so that your registrar can check your information before your ceremony. If you are arriving separately, one of you should arrive at least fifteen minutes before the ceremony start time. It’s a common misconception that the bride/groom is expected to arrive after the start time. At an Approved Venue the registrars will be there to welcome you 30 minutes before the ceremony start time.

How do we provide our music?

Fitzherbert/Regency Room: Please bring music on either a CD or a phone/Ipod

Council Chamber: Phone/Ipod ONLY

Please arrange music with your venue if is is not at the Town Hall.

Is there parking? What if I want to park a wedding car in Bartholomew Square?

There is limited parking available around Brighton Town Hall. The nearest car park is The Lanes Car Park.

Please contact the security staff at Brighton Town Hall to discuss parking a wedding car on the square- you can ring them direct on 01273 291052.

Are the rooms accessible to disabled people in Brighton Town Hall?

The Regency Room and Fitzherbert Room are on the ground floor and there is step free access to the toilet facilities on this floor, which includes wheelchair accessible provision.  The Council Chamber is on the second floor of Brighton Town Hall so please let us know as soon as possible if you or your guests are unable to use stairs. Hearing loops are available in both the Regency Room and Fitzherbert Room and in the Council Chamber there are ear pieces available for those with and without hearing aids. If you or your guests require ear pieces please let us know as soon as possible.

How long will the ceremony last?

Approximately 30-40 minutes, depending on whether you have readings, take photographs, etc.

How many witnesses do I need?

You need to provide two credible witnesses. They do not need ID. 

Can we take photographs during the ceremony?

Yes but please get the photographer to check with the Registrar before the ceremony.

Can we throw confetti?

Yes, only outside the Town Hall. Please make sure it is bio-degradable 

Can I make an appointment to speak to a registrar?

Yes, there is a fee to do this. Please contact our ceremonies team on 01273 292016, option 2.

Is everything ready for my ceremony?

If you have entered your notice and paid your ceremony fees then you are all set to go.