Nordic walking progression walks

Nordic walking is a way of walking that can improve health, well-being and quality of life as it exercises the whole of the body. Nordic walking is suitable for all abilities and ages of people, who can walk swinging their arms. The Nordic walking technique has to be learnt correctly from a qualified instructor and is endorsed by the British Heart Foundation. You can find more information about Nordic walking by going to Nordic Walking for Health.

If y​ou have attended an accredited course and have your own Nordic walking poles, you're ready to attend one of our ​Nordic Walking Healthwalks.

Nordic Healthwalks accredited training courses

A group of walkers looking like they are preparing for a walk Nordic Walking for Health is offering special courses exclusively for Healthwalkers. The courses are charged at a discounted rate of £30 per person for Healthwalkers, which includes hire of Nordic poles for each session.  Each course lasts four weeks. The first three sessions will take place in Hove Park and the fourth in Stanmer Park. The basic course can be extended by a further two sessions depending on what level of Nordic walking individuals are able to do.

There are regular courses throughout the year, if you are interested please email Nordic Walking for Health and quote ‘Healthwalks offer’ in your email or search the council events diary for all dates and times.


Coming on a Nordic Healthwalk

Once you have completed  an accredited course, either with our special Brighton & Hove course or other accredited course you have done elsewhere, you will be able to attend the Nordic Healthwalk group. The walks are free, like all other Healthwalks, but you will need your own Nordic walking poles: discounted poles are available from Nordic Walking for Health.  Ordinary trekking poles are not suitable.

Nordic Healthwalks will run monthly, and the location will alternate between easy, and more challenging countryside locations.  Each walk will be between 2.5 and 5 miles, with a mix of flat, uphill and downhill walking.  Routes and distances may vary depending on weather and conditions underfoot.

If you want to receive updates on our Nordic Healthwalks please email

If you want more information about Nordic walking and its health benefits, go to Nordic Walking for Health