Leisure centres and sports facilities

In Brighton & Hove, there are a wide range of sport and leisure facilities you can use, from swimming and paddling pools, to sports centres and golf courses.  

Indoor facilities and swimming pools

The facilities listed below are managed for the council by Freedom Leisure and monitored by the Sports Facilities Team.

Freedom Leisure is a not for profit trust with no shareholders, which allows them to reinvest any surplus income into the facilities.

Freedom leisure centres and swimming pools


The Leisure Card

If you receive certain benefits, you can get up to 40% off selected activities at the leisure centres listed above with the Leisure Card.

Free swimming

For up to date information on the scheme for 16 and under's in Brighton & Hove please visit our free swimming page.

Outdoor sports facilities

Golf courses

Hollingbury Park Golf Course and Waterhall Golf Course are managed by MyTime Active, monitored by the Sport Facilities Team.

Paddling pools

Across the city there are three paddling pools.

Park Sports Facilities:

Click here for bookings and information on outdoor sports facilities for football, cricket, tennis, bowls, cycling and summer sports like basketball and rounders.

Skate parks

Find out more about the various Brighton & Hove skate parks.

Table tennis

Join in the fun with Ping! our free table tennis programme.

Climbing Walls:

There are several locations in the city where you can go climbing or bouldering. Click here for more details

Community sports facilities

Community sports facilities can be found at Longhill Sports Centre and the Manor Sports and Activities Centre.

Further information

We work to improve the overall supply, quality and accessibility of sports facilities in Brighton & Hove to meet the current and future demands of residents.To view our current priorities please refer to the Sport Facilities Action Plan 2012-2022 (PDF KB)

The Sports Facilities Team is responsible for the operation and development of leisure facilities, including seven sports centres.

For more information about sports activities in general across the city contact the Sports & Physical Activity Team.