Funding for sport, dance and exercise providers

Grant Funding:

Grants are available to support community clubs and groups to grow and develop. Generally funding organisations will not give money to cover existing activities or for unspecified purposes. It is therefore important to be clear what you want to use the money for and why.

Each funding organisation will also have different priorities in how it would like funding to be spent. It is important to think about how closely your project matches their aims and criteria to ensure you have the best chance of success.

Finding grants and other funding:

If you are looking fund a project to develop sport, dance or physical activity in Brighton & Hove, the Sports Development Team can help you find the most suitable grants and funding for your organisation.  Once you have told us your plans and why you need funding we can direct you to opportunities available.

Contact the Sports Development Team for help with funding on 01273 293438 or email

Example funding opportunities:

Whilst the above are good places to start, this list is not exhaustive. Contact the Sports Development Team to help you find the funding most suitable for your project

Further Support: