Due to the current situation with COVID-19, we are not running any healthwalks until further notice. 

people talking part in a healthwalk on Castle Hill

There are still opportunities to stay active during this time. You can:

If you aren't on Facebook and want to join the Healthwalks Spring Lockdown Challenge you can download the walking log (printable word version below) and FAQ, and just let us know you have by emailing so we can ask you to send us your step/mileage tally when lockdown restrictions are lifted.

The government and health officials recommend that all those not self-isolating, or in identified vulnerable groups can stil take a daily walk; and getting out in the fresh air and green spaces is very important for our health and wellbeing. Just remember the safe walking rules:

  • walk by yourself or with members of your household only
  • stay 2 metres away from anyone you pass
  • try to avoid driving to your walk and walk near to home whenever you can

What Healthwalks have achieved

In the last 15 years we have helped thousands of local people improve their physical and mental health and find out more about the wonderful places to walk in Brighton & Hove. Healthwalks are a great way to be more active, get out in the fresh air and make new friends. They are friendly, supportive and ideal for those who want to start exercising in a gentle and safe way, as well as those who want to walk regularly but don't have the time to attend longer walks.

We've achieved some extraordinary things:

  • provided over 8,000 walks
  • 1,000 people attend health walks every year
  • 40,000 hours of volunteer time given to deliver walks
  • Healthwalkers have walked over 250,000 miles in that time - the equivalent of walking to the moon!
  • 90% of regular walkers say their health has improved and they have made new friends


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