Madeira Terraces and Madeira Drive

The Save Madeira Terrace crowdfunding campaign is now live.

Madeira Terraces closed to pedestrians

We're taking action to prevent sections of Madeira Terraces from collapsing and to make the area safe for the public. The entire length of Madeira Terraces is closed, following engineers' advice.

Surveying showed that the steel beams embedded in the concrete, supporting the deck of the Terraces, have corroded and the cast iron has come to the end of its useful life. Repairs cannot be made and a rebuild is needed.

Permanent anti-climb fencing was installed in early 2016.

The road is still open to traffic in both directions. Vintage car rallies and reunion events are still taking place on Madeira Drive.

We're calling on people power to help save Madeira Terraces

We're putting forward a new four-point proposal to save Madeira Terraces.

This follows the government’s refusal to award £4 million of funding to kickstart restoration. 

Our proposals are:

  • Crowd funding
  • Lottery funding
  • Harnessing local talent
  • Exploring uses for the area now

Get details from our news story

The future of Madeira Terraces and Madeira Drive

We submitted a bid for £4 million of funding from the government to kick-start the regeneration of Brighton seafront’s Madeira Terraces.

Unfortunately in April 2017 we learned the disappointing news that this bid was rejected.

The money would have come from the Coastal Communities Fund. If successful, we planned to combine the grant with matched funding from our budget for the first phase of a three-stage rebuilding of the Terraces.  Our initial timetable would  all the work completed by 2023.

We're committed to finding alternative sources of funding to kick-start the project. Broadly the approach is likely to remain the same - to attract private businesses and investment in order to provide revenue for the Terraces’ future maintenance.

Madeira Terraces remains in the project pipeline for potential funding through Local Growth Fund Round 4 from the Greater Brighton Economic Board.

Two people walk along Madeira Drive, with Madeira Terraces above them. The terraces have scaffolding around them.

Find out more about seafront improvement projects.

Businesses at Madeira Terraces

JAG gallery

A corroded beam in one of the vacated bays of the JAG Gallery, is being structurally supported but is in such a poor state that repairs can no longer maintain the structure properly. The risk from the damaged beam is high and we had to take the tough decision to ask the gallery to move out. The tenant has now vacated this property.

Studio 284

Studio 284 is accessed by a staircase which is reached underneath the Terraces and could be affected by the corroded beams. The tenant has now vacated the premises and been relocated.

Concorde 2

Concorde 2 remains open at the Terraces. Work will be carried out to stabilise the arches either side of Concorde 2.

A traffic order has been approved for a temporary road closure adjacent to the venue on Friday and Saturday nights to allow large audiences to queue more safely. This traffic order will be used during the busier nights for the venue.


We will continue to

  • work to minimise the risk from potential structural failure
  • liaise with tenants on the ongoing operation of Madeira Drive