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Welcome to our page giving latest news and updates from the Stanmer Park Restoration Project.

We are due to start construction in early 2019.

Latest project news

Walled Garden

The old polytunnels and redundant infrastructure have now been removed, so the area is clear in preparation for restoration works.  The majority of removed items have been recycled or re-used.

Tree works - starting 11 March 2019

There will be temporary closures of the Lower Lodges car park areas while work is in progress. Some trees will be pruned or felled in these parking areas so restoration project work can take place. Some of these trees also pose a health and safety risk. All tree works are being supervised by an ecologist.

Signs have been erected with more information and advising visitors to park in alternative designated parking areas at the park during closures. There will also be some tree works adjacent to the Walled Garden to prepare for its restoration. The work will be carried out by the council's tree contractor Connick Tree Care. Around 250 new trees will be planted in the restoration area later in the project. No memorial trees are affected by this work.

Project update bulletins

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We expect the next update to be issued in late March 2019.

The restoration project story so far

Follow the project's progress by reading the news stories below. These are presented in reverse date order, with the most recent first:

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