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About our playgrounds

Active, outdoor play is an important part of children's development and health, which is shown in the range of equipment in the city's 53 playgrounds.

The largest play areas in Brighton & Hove are at:

There are also play areas along the seafront, all with water play, at Hove Lagoon, West Pier and Madeira Drive.

Use this link for public transport information.

How we manage our playgrounds

We manage and maintain the play areas to ensure they are clean and safe to use, whilst still challenging for those who use them. 

All playgrounds are inspected on a regular basis.

We’re working hard to make all of our playgrounds safe, exciting and enjoyable places to visit and play.

The safety of our children is a priority, so we carry out safety checks on every park and every piece of equipment every two weeks, quarterly and annually in house and by an independent inspector.

What we are doing

From March 2021, we’ll be upgrading and improving the equipment in our play parks.

It’ll mean more fun and excitement for our youngsters for years to come.

To prepare for the work, we’re removing play equipment that’s reached the end of its life or could be unsafe.

The following sites are closed for refurbishment:

Barn Rise – Now Closed – Improvement work due to start February 2021

Chalk Pit – Now Closed – Improvement work due to start December 2020 and replacement work due to start in Spring 2021

We apologise for any inconvenience.

Playground Checker

We can only act promptly if incidents and problems are reported to us. Please use our online form to tell us of any accidents or "near misses" that occur to help prevent any further incidents.

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