Park Orienteering

Orienteering in Brighton & Hove

Orienteering is an outdoor adventure sport that can be enjoyed as a competitive running challenge or as a more leisurely walking activity. The aim is to navigate in sequence between control points marked on a map, deciding the best route to complete the course in the fastest time. It doesn't matter how young, old or fit you are. You can run, walk or jog the course and progress at your own pace.

There are permanent orienteering markers located in four of Brighton & Hove's city parks, each with several courses of varying length. No specialist equipment is required and the maps are available to download for free.

Download Maps, Courses and Exercises

Orienteering maps and resources can be downloaded for each of the following parks:

Video Guide

The video guide was filmed in Hove Park. It introduces the sport and presents the key skills of orientating the map, choosing a route, and finding an 'attack point'. You can download a full orienteering video transcript (216KB)



Resources for Schools

There are training exercises and courses suitable for years 4 - 13 in Hove Park, with maps also available for the other three largest city parks. These are available for download at the links above.

More Orienteering

There are orienteering events in Sussex every week. The local club Southdowns Orienteers offers free coaching for all on a monthly basis and has a squad for juniors aged 7 - 20.

Contact coach Robert Lines for details. Visit British Orienteering for more general information and for events further afield.