Join us On The Level

Be an active part in The Level's community future!

The Level, vol planting Dec 2013

One of the easiest ways to get involved at The Level is to join The Level Communities Forum (LCF).

The LCF is a group of local volunteers who care deeply about The Level and its community future. There are many opportunities to help with a range of activities, both on and off-site.

We are always delighted to hear from volunteers interested in helping us extend the number and scope of park activities that all can enjoy and benefit from.

Why volunteer?

Lottery fund logo pinkVolunteers tell us they do so for a number of reasons, including:

  • Having fun while learning new skills
  • Helping build personal confidence
  • Extending and sharing knowledge and interests
  • Meeting new people and enhancing social life
  • Boosting CVs
  • Feeling really involved in helping local communities
  • Having the chance (maybe!) to be featured in local media!

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