Outdoor fitness classes, trainers and boot camps

In recent years outdoor personal fitness classes and boot camps have become increasingly popular in the city’s parks and green spaces.

These groups are increasing in number and some can be groups of up to 30 or more people training in a number of classes at one time.

The rise in outdoor fitness is good for your health and well being. 

The increase in popularity of outdoor fitness also raises a number of issues:

  • it is not easy for residents to know if a fitness trainer is reputable, for example if they are trained and qualified, hold appropriate insurance, follow best practice in respect of safety measures and DBS (Disclosure and Barring Service checks - previously CRB)
  • fitness classes, especially larger ones can have an impact on the grounds and maintenance of the park and on other users

Our voluntary registration scheme

From 1 April 2014 the council implemented a voluntary registration scheme. This is for commercial businesses that provide outdoor fitness classes on public green spaces, owned or managed by the council.

Money raised through the scheme is ring fenced to maintain the parks which host the classes.

Operators can join the voluntary scheme and it will address two issues associated with their activities to:

  1. encourage them to register with a recognised body to provide assurances regarding the quality of their training
  2. introduce a charging mechanism to recover some of the costs associated with the wear and tear to the parks

As part of the licensing process, operators have to register with REPS or UKactive and agree with their code of practice.

They will also pay a charge towards the maintenance of the green spaces they use for their business.

We want to promote healthy outdoor activities and ensure responsible fitness trainers are easily identifiable by members of the public.

A contribution is made for administering the scheme and the maintenance of the green spaces used by those groups, for the benefit of all park users.   

Cost of the scheme


Number of people per session

Annual charge for 2016/17

Once a week



2-4 times a week



5-7 times a week



Once a week



2-4 times a week



5-7 times a week



Apply for a licence

If you plan to run a fitness or sports training group in a park or green space then you must apply for a licence from us.

To apply for a City Parks Fitness Licence please make sure you have:

  • read and understand our licence fees and conditions
  • registered with REPS or UKactive and agree with their code of practice

We do not accept written applications.

All applications are subject to final approval by the City Parks team.