Allotment plot types

There are a number of different plot types to cater for the needs of our tenants. Plot rents are calculated by the square metre (mobility plots are charged a nominal fee).

Full plot

Allotment cultivation

Full plots are generally 250 metres square. It was council policy for several years to split full plots in half when they became vacant. This was done to increase the allotment stock in the city and reduce the length of the waiting lists.

Following consultation with the Brighton & Hove Allotment Federation, current plot holders and people on our waiting lists ,it was decided to re-introduce the option of taking on full plots when they become available (unfortunately on some of our smaller sites this will not be possible.)

Half plot

The half plot size is generally 125 square metres. It is a manageable size for allotment holders trying to balance work/life commitments, and is less likely to generate enforcement notices than larger plots. Over half of the plots in the city are currently designated as half plots.

Quarter plots & Micro plots

Learner plots

Quarter plots and micro plots are designed for either new plot holders who want to start on a smaller plot with a view to up-sizing. Or for use by existing plot holders who want to downsize to a smaller growing space.

Quarter plots cover an area of 60 – 70 square metres and micro plots cover an even more manageable area of around 25 square metres on a communal plot.

If you take a quarter plot or a micro plot then you can move up to a larger plot after a year if you have reached a suitable level of cultivation. However many plot holders who take a quarter plot have chosen to stay with the smaller plot as they find it more manageable. If you take on a quarter plot or a micro plot then you can stay on your plot as long as you wish.

Easy Access Plot

Easy access plots are available on a number of allotment sites. They are between 60-125 square metres in size and have excellent access and parking. These plots are level and cleared in readiness for letting. Making them easier to cultivate by plot holders who have limited mobility, but are able to tackle everyday gardening tasks.

Mobility plot

Mobility allotments at Foredown

Limited mobility plots consist of raised beds of approximately 10 square metres surrounded by paving. These plots are designed for people with restricted mobility and are ideally suited to wheelchair access.

Started in 2001 from an idea raised by a dedicated allotment tenant, the council and the Brighton & Hove Allotment Federation have supported the project throughout. Along with funding from Awards for All, Shell - Better Britain, Brighton Lions and many generous donations from the public.

There are currently plots at Coldean, Weald and Foredown - view city & site maps. There are 17 raised plots and an additional five easy access plots.