A Local Biodiversity Action Plan for Brighton & Hove

Child in downland flowers

By 2020, we want biodiversity to be fully integrated into decision-making by the Brighton & Hove Strategic Partnership and its members.

We want the habitats and species of importance in Brighton & Hove to be successfully conserved. This will enable Brighton & Hove to be richer in biodiversity, with healthy ecosystems delivering essential benefits for all.

We will aim to do this by fully involving local communities in developing and progressing biodiversity conservation. This will create a common understanding of the value of biodiversity and the actions needed to maintain it.

We will develop Local Biodiversity Action Plans (LBAP) for habitats and species of importance in Brighton & Hove. Each action plan will have: 

  • A description of the ecology of the habitat or species and of its conservation status nationally and in Brighton & Hove.
  • An assessment of the threats and opportunities for that habitat or species.
  • A list of local ‘SMART’ targets (national, regional and Sussex BAP targets).
  • An action table, describing the actions which need to be taken, by when and by whom, to reach the targets.

The latest version of the Brighton & Hove Local Biodiversity Action Plan is available to view on the CityWildlife Forum.

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