Fees, charges and policies in libraries

What does the library service charge for?

Joining the library, borrowing books and using public access computers for the first hour in the library is free.

We charge for:

Borrowing items like CDs, DVDs and music

Overdue items - items not renewed or returned on time

Reserving an item

Photocopying, printing and faxing

Hiring rooms and our facilities

Other charges - replacement library cards, research fees and specialist printing 

Ways to pay

Cash and cheques are accepted in all libraries

Debit and credit card payments at Jubilee and Hove Libraries

Payment instalment plans are available

Charges for items available on loan from the library 

We charge for

  • CD £1 per week
  • DVD £3.10 per week, discount DVD £2 per week, promo DVD £1 per week, box set DVD £5.10 per week
  • Children's DVD £1.50 per week
  • Audio book (unabridged) £1.60 for 3 weeks
  • Audio book (abridged) 80p for 3 weeks
  • Language course packs £2.10 for 3 weeks

Audio-visual subscription card

With a subscription card you can borrow CDs, audio books and language courses for free and DVDs half price.

  • Annual £30
  • Quarterly £10
  • Over 60s - £15 annual and £5 quarterly (half price)
  • ​Concessions - £15 annual and £5 quarterly (half price)

Charges for overdue items

If you do not return your items on time or renew them before the due date we will ask you to pay the following

  • Books 25p per day per book, 10p per day per book on a children's/young persons card (0-19 years of age)
  • DVD 60p per day per item, discount DVD 40p per day per item, Box set DVD £1 per day per item
  • children's DVD 30p per day per DVD
  • CD 25p per day per CD
  • no overdue charge for toys

If you have overdue items or owe an outstanding charge and want to continue or start using the library again, please contact us to discuss your account and how we can help you. If you're unable to pay your charges in full, we can offer a payment instalment plan which can help spread the cost. ​If you're interested in taking up this option, please talk to member of staff or e-mail us at  libraries@brighton-hove.gov.uk  "Payment Instalment Plan Request"​. Please don't hesitate to talk to us to avoid charges building up.

Reserving an item from the library

  • Brighton & Hove library stock £1
  • Children's reservations Brighton & Hove stock 50p
  • SELMS reservations £3 (no concessions)
  • Inter-library loans £7.15 (no concessions)

​​Stock Requests

Customers can request additions to stock for free, if you wish to reserve your stock requests it costs £7.15 for adults £3 for children.

Charges for photocopying, printing and faxing


  • black and white 20p for A4, 30p for A3
  • colour (not available in all libraries) £1 for A4, £1.50 for A3

Self Service Photocopiers (Jubilee and Hove libraries only)

  • black and white 20p for A4, 30p for A3
  • colour £1 for A4, £1.50 for A3

Fax (Jubilee only)

  • Sending faxes £1 per page
  • Receiving faxes handling charge £2 plus 10p per page

Other charges

  • Library card replacement £1.55
  • Libraries Extra card replacement £2.10

Research Fees

First 15 minutes research free (excluding any online fees, copying or printing costs). Thereafter the following costs charged pro-rata for every subsequent 15 minutes:

  • Research carried out by Library staff for private individual - flat rate fee per hour, plus any online fees, copying or printing costs £25
  • Reseach carried out by Library staff for business/commercial user - flat rate fee per hour, plus any online fees, copying or printing costs £50

Filming and photography in libraries

If you want to film or take photographs in the library you must have permission. Please contact libraries@brighton-hove.gov.uk for more info.