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February 2020

You can download the full list of events in February 2020 (PDF 284KB).

Mon 3 Feb – Sun 16 Feb Fierce Vexillology

Celebrating LGBTQ+ History Month Vexillology is the study of the history, symbolism and usage of flags, Fierce is what the LGTBQ+ community has become with its use of symbols and colour. Fierce Vexillology is an exhibition from the BHCC LGBTQ Workers Forum which looks at the history of and the development of the flags used by LGBTQ+ communities. Vexillology or the study of flags looks at how symbols colours, fabrics and size all determine how people respond to flags and how, as our communities have become more confident and determined they have chosen banners and flags to march beside and under. The rainbow flag is used as a symbol of pride and LGBTQ social movements.

Mon 3 Feb – Sun 16 Feb Poetry By Ruby

An exhibition celebrating the poems of Ruby Dine, a young woman with Downs Syndrome: “In sharing her work, we hope to inspire others to celebrate diversity. Ruby’s poetry cover aspects of her life, her opinions and sensory descriptions of places she has been.” A visually bright and vibrant exhibition of poems, artwork and film.

Mon 17 Feb – Sun 29 Feb The Exponent of Breath

Faces of Poets, Playwrights and Writers - Celebrating LGBTQ+ History Month Herstory Month portraits: The continued imbalance of gender representation within the arts is an issue all too often ignored. The theme for LGBTQ History Month 2020 is Poets, Playwrights & Prose, this year we present portraits of LGBTQ+ people who are conserving, creating and making histories today, and herstories are OUR focus. We honour this part of our shared LGBTQ cultural heritage during history month to remind ourselves that without our own writers writing our own stories, we get written out of history completely. The title of the exhibition come from Emily Dickinson “Love is anterior to life, posterior to death, initial of creation, and the exponent of breath.”

Mon 17 Feb – Sun 23 Feb Emotion

Local artist Sunja Kim, focuses on the relationship and emotional distance between human beings, nature and the environment. Expressing theoretical thought and emotions in an abstract way, finding the distance between humans the landscape and, in turn, expressing concern about how humans interact with nature and its impact on our emotions.

Exhibitions in the Tony Miller Reading Room

Monday 7 October to Sunday 5 April, Moon Gazing: A display of rare lunar literature. Voyage through the spheres of astronomy, mythology, fiction and poetry. Including works by Galileo, Jules Verne and William Blake, and illustrations from many eras and cultures.
Please note that the Reading Room is sometimes used for private bookings, so do call ahead before making a special trip.

Hiring exhibition space at Jubilee Library

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