Arts strategic development

The Arts team provide:

  • provide leadership to the arts, cultural and creative sector. We also offer advice on funding and financing, provide local context and make the sector aware of local, regional, national and international opportunities
  • develop and input into cultural policies and strategies for the city. We help with applications for funding from the city council and from other external agencies
  • share information, knowledge and resources for the arts and culture sector from national, regional and local sources
  • work with the sector to deliver arts and culture projects that ensure that everyone in the city has the opportunity to engage with the arts
  • service and support the Brighton & Hove Arts Commission.

Cultural projects

The cultural projects team identifies where arts and culture should be in the city and works to deliver projects that will create impact in these places and areas. With every project, we work closely with our partners in Brighton & Hove. 


Culture is core to any healthy and happy community. It encourages people to get out and about, to be active and do and see things they enjoy.

At Brighton & Hove Council we support the city's communities as much as we can. The arts and culture team works to support communities too, encouraging them to celebrate their cultures through festivals, projects and events.

Working with communities, increasing their involvement, we are able to help raise wellbeing among the people of Brighton & Hove. We also work together to boost the city's economy and encourage residents and visitors alike to value, engage and become involved with their surroundings.