Arts commision for junction on the corner of Trafalgar and Station Street

The Artist Stig Evans was selected by a panel of local trades people, residents and Councillors Ian Davey and Tony Janio along with representatives from the council to complete the 'Pocket Park' art commission.

Through the European CIVITAS programme, the city council has been awarded funding to test innovative approaches to overcome barriers to cycling.

The project in Station Street offers an opportunity to overcome such barriers in two ways. Firstly, by providing dropped kerbs, cyclists now are able to move over the physical barrier of the raised footway without dismounting. Secondly, the arts commission seeks to explore the challanges and benefits of public space shared between pedestrains and cyclists.

In 2011 Stig installed a mosiac on the site. The mosiac shows a picnic rug with local food strewn across its surface having been upset by a bicycle, with tyre marks across the rug and shattering a plate.

For more information on artist Stig Evans please visit his website

If you have any queries regarding this public art commission please contact the Arts & Cultural Projects Team.