1,000 Apprenticeships

A group of council apprentices

The Greater Brighton Employer Skills Task Force, formed from over 30 leading businesses and education providers in and around the city. It has challenged the city’s employers to create at least 1,000 new apprenticeships in 1,000 days, and asked businesses to pledge their support.

The task force was set up in September 2015 to find ways to boost opportunities and productivity in and around Brighton & Hove by growing a workforce with the skills that local businesses need.

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Growing businesses and nurturing talent

Productivity in the Greater Brighton region is lower than the rest of the South East. Businesses have told the task force that there is a lack of skilled workers holding back their growth. At the same time, the number of new apprenticeships recently hit a five year low.

Apprenticeships can offer businesses the opportunity to develop people with the skills they need as well as bringing benefits such as improved staff morale, staff retention, and improving their productivity and reputation with customers.

Apprenticeships in action:

The Greater Brighton Employer Skills Task Force, chaired by Zac Toumazi chief executive of Sussex Cricket, has made eight recommendations for the city (PDF 359KB), which if implemented could make a difference to apprenticeship numbers and boost employment growth. To help support this, and reach the target of a minimum of 1,000 new apprenticeships in 1,000 days, they have developed the Employers Pledge.

The Employer Pledge

The task force is asking businesses to pledge to help local young people prepare for and enter the world of work. This pledge will help local businesses strengthen their workforce and create jobs and training opportunities which they could benefit from.

The Employer's Pledge asks businesses to commit to offer one or more of the following:

Apprenticeships pledge logo

  • Offer a traineeship, apprenticeship or higher apprenticeship

  • Offer a workplace visit to their business

  • Offer a work placement to a young person

  • Offer help with student projects or enterprise activities in schools and colleges

  • Offer to speak to pupils about careers and recruitment

  • Become a school governor

  • Mentor a budding entrepreneur

  • Provide employment advice about their industry

Take a look at the Employer Pledge brochure (PDF 1.56MB) to see how apprentices could benefit businesses in Greater Brighton.

Who is already pledged?

Charlotte Blunt CEO Youth ForceLots of employers and service providers have already made the pledge.

So far they include Santander, The Argus, The Latest, The Hilton, The Grand, Lovelocaljobs.com, Youthforce, Sussex County Cricket Club, and Brighton & Hove City Council and many more.​

Check out the full list of pledge makers from across Greater Brighton.

The council has pledged to

  1. Offer a traineeship, apprenticeship or higher apprenticeship: The Council is committed to creating 100 apprenticeships in 2016/17 and 150 in 2017/18. This will be reviewed as more detail on the government's public sector apprenticeship targets becomes known.

  2. Offer a work placement to a young person/Offer a traineeship, apprenticeship or higher apprenticeship: The Council will continue to support work placement, traineeships and supported internships as work experience and routes to apprenticeships.

  3. Offer to speak to pupils about careers and recruitment: The Council will continue to ask apprentices to take a role of Ambassador to raise awareness of apprenticeships in general and their value in the world of work and learning amongst employers, schools, young people and their parents.

Help be part of the movement in Greater Brighton to create at least 1,000 new apprenticeships in 1,000 days. Get in touch today to find out more about apprenticeships, or discuss making a pledge that's right for you.