Horsdean Traveller site

The permanent traveller site at St Michael's Way is now open. This will provide residential accommodation for our Gypsy and Traveller communities and help us manage unauthorised encampments. 

What's on the site

The site has 12 new permanent pitches alongside 21 transit pitches.

Each permanent pitch consists of space for a static caravan and other vehicles, and an amenity block which includes a kitchen, bathroom and dayroom.

The site also includes a management building for the council’s Traveller Liaison Team. 

The pitches have all been allocated to Traveller families with a local connection, many who previously occupied spaces on the transit site. Like all other council tenants living in social housing in the city, residents will sign a lease, pay rent, council tax and other bills.

Building the site

The permanent pitches have been designed using the government’s good practice guide and built by Westridge Construction Ltd. 

We have a legal requirement to provide official sites for our Gypsy and Traveller communities. We received a government grant of £1.7 million towards the final cost of just over £2.3 million.

The transit pitches will help the council to deal with unauthorised encampments in the city, as we can request the police to use their powers under Section 62a to direct Travellers on unauthorised encampments with the most need onto the pitches.